Web Raster and Web Raster Shaded Relief BETA

Please note: During the BETA phase any information on these pages may change without prior notice. Please also refer to the terms of use published at Web Raster BETA

Pilot ZSGT WebAtlasDE replacement



The pilot services (WMTS and WMS) provided by ZSGT show the beta version of the Web Raster in the colour variant as published in January 2021. Map content reflects the latest base DLM deliveries (digital landscape model, a vector-based dataset representing the landscape from a topographic point of view) of the German Federal States from December 2020. The cartographic implementation techniques are still under development and will evolve throughout the beta phase. Currently Web Mercator and ETRS89 UTM32 projections are provided.

More cartographic variations will be provided with the upcoming raster processing runs (for example a grayscale map).

Technical and product standards conform to the WebAtlasDE and AdV WMS/WMTS profiles (see

Optimisation of the Raster Derivatives for WebAtlasDE

The linked representation shows the current state of ongoing work to optimise the raster tile derivatives from Web Vector. It is planned to adapt the techniques used to derive the raster tile archives for WebAtlasDE. Current work focusses on eliminating the font tilt caused by the projections ETRS89 UTM32 and UTM33. Furthermore, processing time will be optimized. Currently, there is still an offset in X and Y direction. After resolving these issues, the corresponding updates will be integrated into the pilot application of the ZSGT. Web Raster Shaded Relief BETA


Pilot ZSGT – Services



The shaded relief service offers two different types of relief shading: a combined version (combination of slope and oblique shading: Combshade) and an oblique shading based on the nationwide DTM5 dataset (© GeoBasis-DE / BKG (2019). In addition, an elevation layer representation and a slope inclination representation are available.